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This is the legend of Joe Maxx, an acclaimed World War II pilot who flew countless missions in both the Pacific and European theaters. Joe was an old school, rugged pilot, whose faithful compass was the only instrument he trusted. Mostly relying on landmarks and intuition to serve as his guide.

Following the war, Joe started flying cargo routes in his 1939 Norseman. His preferred coffee run flew him from Central America to the east coast of the USA. Joe would make this solo trip about once a week so the northeast coasts restaurants would have the freshest and best tasting coffee for their patrons.

In late June of 1952, Joe Maxx was significantly overloaded with 1,400 pounds of coffee on an inbound flight from Costa Rica. After approximately 700 Miles on his second leg of the flight, the plane began to lose power from the weight of his delicious cargo. Being a savvy pilot, Joe knew he could not make it to the closest airport and was forced to make a quick decision. Either ditch in the ocean and loss his cargo or shoot for the highway. He decided to make a crash landing just north of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Ocean Highway, the main road along the coast.

Joe walked away from the crash landing without a scratch, but the damage to the plane was severe. His beloved Norseman would never fly again. Fortunately, the precious cargo of coffee was left unscathed and was ready to be ground and brewed into the best cup of coffee on the east coast. Possibly even the world.

Joe being a resilient fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of guy started walking to the nearest town when a passerby stopped to offer some assistance. The Good Samaritan asked, “Are you ok?” Joe replied, “I sure am but it looks like she will never fly again, so I think now it’s time to brew the coffee. Could you give me a ride into town? I need to pick up a coffee grinder, a few coffee pots and some cups. Soon I will be serving the best cup of coffee on the east coast and be back in business in no time.”

Later that afternoon the beaten and battered fuselage on the side of Ocean Hwy became the 1st home of Joe Maxx Coffee Company. Just as Joe predicted, news had traveled that Joe’s wrecked plane was the unsurpassed place to get the finest cup of coffee money could buy. Quickly people were driving out of their way to get a cup of Joe Maxx Coffee and to spend some time with the legend at his roadside coffee house.

Today you can still find this same great coffee as well as the legend of Joe Maxx at any of the Joe Maxx Coffee Houses. You can even get it at home by way of air express delivery, but sadly, not by Joe himself.


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